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Images of British Lichens

Caloplaca ochracea (Schaer.) Flagey

Thallus a thin, creamy yellow crust, surface matt and lacking an organised cortex, black prothallus visible at margin; apothecia orange to orange brown. Very locally frequent on hard limestones in Wales and western England.

Refs: Smith et al. (2009), 268; Purvis et al. (1992), 156; Dobson (2005), 106 (photo); Dobson (2011), 115 (photo); Whelan (2011), 62 (photo); Lichen Atlas of the British Isles 6: 272 (2001).

Other species, notably C. dalmatica (page pending), that have had their cortex removed by grazing snails, can be confused with C. ochracea.


Caloplaca ochracea
On coastal limestone, Stackpole, Pembrokeshire, May 2009

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