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Images of British Lichens

Cladonia bellidiflora (Ach.) Schaer.

Non-fruiting podetia often tall, generally unbranched, gradually tapered, terminating in points or small cups with red pycnidia, podetial surface clothed in densely layered, blue-green or yellow-green, palmately incised squamules that peel upwards and which diminish evenly in size from base to tip of the podetium, soredia absent; apothecia bright red, on shorter and more irregularly tapered and squamulose podetia. Upland heaths and rocky moors in the north and west; a distinctive and attractive species that, for reasons I cannot quite explain, reminds me of Japanese pagodas. C. squamosa can sometimes resemble this species but has brown pycnidia and apothecia. Fruiting material needs careful distinction from some of the rarer members of the C. coccifera group.

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Cladonia bellidiflora, podetia
Cladonia bellidiflora, podetia
Cladonia bellidiflora, podetial squamules
Cladonia bellidiflora, with apothecia
Cladonia bellidiflora, with apothecia
Mar Estate, Aberdeenshire, April 2008

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