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Images of British Lichens

Collema confertum Arnold

Thallus olive-black, forming tiny rosettes and cushions, typically about 1cm diameter but may coalesce, with short, stubby, radiating lobes with swollen apices, isidia absent; apothecia generally numerous, covering most of the thallus, ascospores 3-septate, with few or no longitudinal septa, 13-22 x 8-12 µm (Gilbert, James & Purvis, in Smith et al.). Rare or overlooked, a very few, scattered records on limestone rocks and gravestones, better known in Western Ireland.

Ref: Smith et al. (2009), 349; Carvalho (2012), Flora Liquenológica Ibérica vol. 10 (line drawings of ascospores, also colour photos but printed indistinctly).

Collema confertum
Collema confertum, small rosette
Collema confertum, studio close up
Limestone sea-cliff, Sand Bay, Somerset, February 2010 (BLS meeting).
Material of large colony det. B.J. Coppins (that shown in first and third photographs), voucher material at RBG, Edinburgh.

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