<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Schismatomma decolorans (images of British lichens)</TITLE> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Photographs of Schismatomma decolorans (lichen)"> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="image, images, photograph, lichen, Schismatomma"> <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Alan J. Silverside"> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#000000" background="Icback_dr.jpg" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#3672a4" VLINK="#3672a4"> &nbsp; <center><table border=0 bgcolor="#ffffff" width=1000> <tr><td> <a href="Schaereria_fuscocinerea.html" target="_top"><img src="previous.gif" border=0 alt="Previous page" align=left></a> <a href="Schismatomma_graphidioides.html" target="_top"><img src="next.gif" border=0 alt="Next page" align=right></a> <blockquote> <h5 align=center><font color="#b22222" face="arial">&nbsp;<br>lastdragon.org</font></h5> <h2 align=center><font color="#b22222">Images of British Lichens</font></h2> <hr width="50%"> <p><br></p> <center> <p><font size=5><b>Schismatomma decolorans</b></font><font size=4> (Turner &amp; Borrer <i>ex</i> Smith) Clauzade &amp; Vzda</font></p></font> <p><br></p> <table width=860 border=0> <tr><td><div align=justify><font face="arial" size=2>Thallus effuse, thin, whitish grey to lilac-grey or slightly pinkish or tinted ochre, becoming cracked into areoles, scratching yellow-orange (<i>Trentepohlia</i> photobiont), sometimes with a defined, black prothallus, surface becoming sorediate, thallus C- and Pd-; apothecia said to be convex, pruinose, but rare. Widespread, more common n the south, on dry, shaded bark, sometimes on shaded, dry rock-faces and stonework.</p> <p>Refs: Smith <i>et al.</i> (2009), 835; Purvis <i>et al.</i> (1992), 560; Dobson (2005), 403 (photo); Dobson (2011), 408 (photo); van Herk & Aptroot (2004, 2013), 350-1 (photo); van Haluwyn <i>et al.</i> (2009), 156-7 (photo); Arup <i>et al.</i> (1997), 233 (photo); Thor &amp; Arvidsson (1999), 320 (photo).</font></div></td></tr> </table> </center></blockquote><center> <table cellpadding=3> <tr><td align=center><img src="Schismatomma_decolorans_P5090211.jpg" border=1 vspace=5 alt="Schismatomma decolorans"></td></tr> <tr><td align=center><font face="arial" size=2>On Holm Oak (<i>Quercus ilex</i>), Orielton, Pembrokeshire, May 2009, thallus yellow where scratched<br>&nbsp;</font></td></tr> <tr><td align=center><img src="Schismatomma_decolorans_IMG_6157.jpg" border=1 alt="Schismatomma_decolorans"></td></tr> <tr><td align=center><font face="arial" size=2>Under overhang on wooded, ultrabasic rockface, Smeaton, East Lothian, June 2011, thallus yellow where scratched, material confirmed as C-.</font></td></tr> </table> </center><blockquote><center> <p><br></p> <table border=0> <tr><td><a href="Schaereria_fuscocinerea.html" target="_top"><img src="baru6.gif" border=0 alt="Previous page"></a></td> <td width="50">&nbsp;</td> <td><a href="Schismatomma_graphidioides.html" target="_top"><img src="baru8.gif" border=0 alt="Next page"></a></td></tr> </table> </center> <p><br></p> <p><hr></p> <center><font face="Arial" size=2> <p><b><a href="index.html" target="_top">Lichens HOME PAGE</a> | <a href="indexP.html" target="_top">Index of Species</a> | <a href="http://www.lastdragon.org/conditions.html" target="_top">Conditions of Use and e-mail contact</a> | <a href="references.html" target="_top">References</a> | <a href="http://www.lastdragon.org/home.html" target="_top">Site Home Page</a></b></p> </font></center> <p><br></p> <font face="Arial" size=2> <p>&copy; A.J. Silverside<br> Uploaded February 2013, updated December 2013</p> </font> </blockquote> </td></tr> </table></center> </BODY> </HTML>