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Frequently Asked Questions (if anyone actually asked any)

These pages will be used to provide various notes and explanations.
I intend that the FAQ will expand into an illustrated glossary, but this will take time.

Pannaria rubiginosa

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Outline notes on the following topics: [UNDER DEVELOPMENT]
  1. what is a lichen?
  2. what is NOT a lichen? The case of Pelvetia
  3. a summary of lichen thallus types: foliose; fruticose; squamulose; crustose; placodioid; leprose; filamentous; no visible thallus
  4. sexual reproductive fruiting bodies: perithecia; apothecia; types of apothecia: lecideine, lecanorine, lirellae, mazaedia, proper margins, thalline margins; tissues in apothecia; basidiocarps
  5. continuing the partnership in a dual organism – asexual reproductive units: squamules, isidia, soredia, blastidia, phyllidia, schizidia, conidia
  6. chemical and UV testing
  7. the nominate subspecies problem – an issue with accuracy of records
  8. lichen communities
  9. lichens as biomonitors of pollution
  10. lichenology resources
  11. glossary: a–f | g–o | p–z

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