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Images of British Lichenicolous Fungi

Biatoropsis usnearum Räsänen

Basidimycota, Tremellales (also has been placed in the Platygloeales): forms irregular to sub-globose, brownish-pink galls on the branches of Usnea species. Widespread in the north and west in humid woodland, probably frequent though under-recorded.

Refs:Diederich & Christiansen (1994), Lichenologist 26: 47-66 (description pp. 49-54, photos (b&w), line illustrations); Diederich (1996), 13; Diederich in Nash et al. (2004) 633; Hawksworth (1983), 33.

Biatoropsis usnearum on Usnea
On Usnea cornuta on Common Sallow (Salix cinerea subsp. oleifolia) in lakeside scrub, Orielton, Pembrokeshire, May 2009.
Biatoropsis usnearum on Usnea
On Usnea sp., probably Usnea subfloridana, on Oak (Quercus) in coastal woodland, Claonaig, Argyllshire, July 2010.

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