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Images of British Lichenicolous Fungi

Sclerococcum sphaerale (Ach.) Fr.

Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina: anamorphic, forming rounded sporodichia in the host thallus; conidia dark, consisting of two to several fused, subglobose cells. Frequent on Pertusaria corallina, rarely on P. pseudocorallina* or P. lactea**, misreported on other hosts. The host thallus appears undamaged but areoles of infected areas are flat, largely lacking isidia (compare Spirographa fusisporella).
* Hawksworth (1975), as P. ceuthocarpoides, Hawksworth (1983); ** Hawksworth 1975 and British record in FRDBI (Kew).

Refs: Hawksworth (1975), Trans. British Mycological Society 75: 219-238 (line illus. pg. 224); Hawksworth & Jones (1981), Trans. British Mycological Society 77: 485-489 (line illus., SEM micrographs); Hawksworth (1983), 33; Ellis (1976), 62 (line illus.).

Sclerococcum sphaerale on Pertusaria corallina
Sclerococcum sphaerale on Pertusaria corallina
On Pertusaria corallina, Traprain Law, East Lothian, June 2011 (det.Brian Coppins).
[Damaged area of host in upper photograph is infection by Spirographa fusisporella]

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