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Images of British Lichenicolous Fungi

Vouauxiella verrucosa (Vouaux) Petr. & Syd.

Ascomycota, incertae sedis: pycnidia immersed in apothecia of Lecanora species, notably L. chlarotera, also on L. campestris, conidia grey-brown, coarsely verrucose, produced in chains. Widespread, but with scattered records and probably much under-recorded.

Refs: Hawksworth (1976), 58 (line illustration); Hawksworth (1981), 67; Hawksworth (1983), 28; Sutton (1980), 24, 25 (line illustration).

Vouauxiella lichenicola is a more common species on Lecanora spp., differing in its smooth-walled or minutely verrucose conidia. Microscopic examination is required for identification of these species.

Vouauxiella verrucosa on Lecanora campestris, close view
Vouauxiella verrucosa on Lecanora campestris
Vouauxiella verrucosa in apothecia of Lecanora campestris, on churchyard wall, Slapton, Devon, August 2011.
Vouauxiella verrucosa on Lecanora campestris, pycnidium and spores
Squash of pycnidium and spores (in ammonia, examined with Nomarski DIC, which has taken out some of the brown colour of the spores),
in apothecium of Lecanora campestris on churchyard wall, Slapton, Devon, August 2011.

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