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January 2016
Returning to work on this site after continued poor health and focus on other matters. Links to individual species accounts at the Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland website corrected and extended, after change in directory structure at that site.

April 2014
     Abrothallus microspermus (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Lichenoconium erodens (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Lichenoconium xanthoriae (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Pertusaria lactea – additional photographs
     Taeniolella phaeophysciae (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Trapelia coarctata – NEW
     Trapelia glebulosa – NEW
     Trapelia placodioides – NEW
     Trapeliopsis wallrothii – NEW

March 2014
     Mycomicrothelia confusa – NEW
Updates to the FAQ and Glossary.

February 2014
     Caloplaca chrysodeta – NEW
     Candelariella medians – additional photographs
     Candelariella reflexa – NEW
     Evernia prunastri – additional photograph (soredia)
     Lecanora confusa – NEW
     Lecanora rupicola var. efflorens – NEW
     Opegrapha atra – NEW
     Opegrapha herbarum – NEW
     Opegrapha lithyrga – NEW
     Opegrapha niveoatra – NEW
     Opegrapha ochrocheila – NEW
     Opegrapha pertusariicola – NEW
     Opegrapha physciaria – NEW
     Opegrapha rufescens – NEW
     Opegrapha sorediifera – NEW
     Opegrapha vulgata – NEW
     Opegrapha zonata – NEW
     Parmelia saxatilis – additional photographs (showing mite damage)
Illness continues to limit what I can do with this site at present, though I am able to continue to work with my backlog of existing photographs.

January 2014
     Cladonia cervicornis – additional photograph
     Cladonia convoluta – NEW
     Cladonia foliacea – NEW
     Cladonia gracilis – additional photograph
     Cladonia incrassata – NEW
     Cladonia ramulosa – NEW
     Cladonia scabriuscula – additional photograph
     Cladonia uncialis ssp.biuncialis – additional photographs

December 2013
     Rhizocarpon ochrolechiae – NEW
     Rhizocarpon reductum – NEW
Illness currently limits what I can do with this site, though I am continuing with general housekeeping and updating of references and will add new species as opportunity allows.

October 2013
     Aspicilia contorta ssp. contorta – additional photograph
     Caloplaca aractina – NEW
     Caloplaca flavovirescens – NEW
     Hyperphyscia adglutinata – NEW
     Sticta canariensis – NEW
     Sticta fuliginosa – NEW
     Sticta limbata – additional photographs
     Sticta sylvatica – additional photographs
     Usnea ceratina – NEW

September 2013
     Caloplaca chlorina – additional photograph
     Caloplaca cirrochroa – additional photographs
     Caloplaca holocarpa – NEW
     Caloplaca oasis – NEW
     Collema auriforme – additional photographs
     Collema confertum – NEW
     Collema cristatum – additional photographs
     Lecanactis latebrarum – NEW
     Lecanora caesiosora – additional photograph
     Lecanora farinaria – NEW
     Ochrolechia frigida – NEW
     Ochrolechia inaequatula – NEW
     Pertusaria pseudocorallina – additional photograph
     Rhizocarpon umbilicatum – additional photographs
     Rimularia limborina – NEW
     Solenopsora candicans – additional photograph
I frequently add new page references to published useful descriptions and photographs. Last month, after a very long wait, I finally obtained a copy of Suomen Jäkäläopas by Stenroos et al. (2011), a truly splendid account of the Finnish macrolichens with superb photographs, and I duly added references to this work in my webpages. This month I have gone through the new, 2-volume account of the German lichens, Die Flechten Deutschlands, by Wirth, Hauck and Schultz (2013). This is effectively a revised and expanded version of Wirth's Die Flechten Baden-Württembergs, a much used 'standard', and nearly twice the price (in Britain), containing many of the same photographs, but also plenty of new ones of excellent quality. (See references.)

August 2013
     Cladonia pocillum – additional photographs
     Cornicularia normoerica – additional photographs
     Cresponea premnea – NEW
     Dimerella lutea – NEW
     Dimerella pineti – NEW
     Enterographa crassa – NEW
     Lecanactis subabietina – NEW
     Lecanographa amylacea – NEW
     Lecanographa grumulosa – NEW
     Lecanora crenulata – NEW
     Lecanora dispersa – replacement photograph
     Lecidea grisella – additional photographs
     Lecidella scabra – additional photograph
     Lichenomphalia velutina – additional photograph
     Lobaria scrobiculata – additional photograph
     Lopadium disciforme – NEW
     Loxospora elatina – NEW
     Megalaria grossa – NEW
     Megalaria pulverea – NEW
     Phlyctis agelaea – NEW
     Porpidia cinereoatra – additional photographs
     Sphaerophorus globosus – additional photographs
     Tephromela atra – additional photographs
     Thelotrema_lepadinum – NEW
     Toninia sedifolia – additional photograph

May 2013
     Buellia disciformis – NEW
     Buellia violaceofusca – NEW
     Caloplaca albolutescens – NEW
     Caloplaca arcis – NEW
     Caloplaca britannica – additional photographs
     Caloplaca teicholyta – additional photographs
     Lecidella elaeochroma f. soralifera – NEW
     Protoblastenia rupestris – additional photographs

April 2013
     Buellia aethalea – NEW
     Buellia griseovirens – NEW
     Buellia ocellata – NEW
     Buellia stellulata – NEW
     Diploicia canescens – additional photographs
     Leprocaulon microscopicum – NEW
     Mycoblastus sanguinarius – additional photographs
The Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland (includes lichens) is a significant resource that has been in development for two or three years by Paul Cannon at Kew. Recent agreements with other partners and societies mean this should continue into a major and authoritative reference source. In anticipation of this, and where there is content, I am beginning to add links from individual species pages.

March 2013
     Athelia arachnoidea (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Catinaria atropurpurea – NEW
     Cryptolechia carneolutea – NEW
     Hypotrachyna_afrorevoluta – additional photograph
     Japewiella tavaresiana – NEW
     Leptogium cyanescens – additional photograph
     Nesolechia oxyspora (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Pachyphiale carneola – NEW
     Toninia verrucarioides – NEW
     Vouauxiella verrucosa (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW

February 2013
     Arthonia_amylospora – NEW
     Arthonia_arthonioides – NEW
     Arthonia_elegans – NEW
     Arthonia_endlicheri – NEW
     Arthonia_ilicina – NEW
     Arthonia_spadicea – NEW
     Botryolepraria lesdainii – NEW
     Caloplaca "citrina" (C. austrocitrina?) – page revision
     Lepraria ecorticata – NEW
     Lepraria membranacea – NEW
     Lepraria umbricola – NEW
     Porpidia rugosa – NEW
     Schismatomma decolorans – NEW
     Schismatomma graphidioides – NEW
     Schismatomma quercicola – NEW

January 2013
A time when I am very busy with academic work, but I have made some further progress on the FAQ and Glossary.

November 2012
     Pyrenula chlorospila – NEW
     Pyrenula laevigata – NEW
     Pyrenula macrospora – NEW
     Pyrenula occidentalis – NEW

October 2012
     Squamarina cartilaginea – NEW
I have made a more serious start on my long intended FAQ and Glossary this month. Limited existing material has been rearranged and much information added. There is much more to do, but the intended format is now visible. It remains a work in progress. A few species are illustrated only in the FAQ section, but I expect to add new full pages for these in the near future.

September 2012
     Parmelia saxatilis – additional photograph
     Porpidia tuberculosa – additional photographs
     Rhizocarpon geographicum – additional photograph
     Rhizocarpon lecanorinum – NEW
     Rhizocarpon oederi – additional photograph
     Rhizocarpon petraeum – NEW
     Rhizocarpon umbilicatum – NEW
     Rhizocarpon viridiatrum – NEW

August 2012
     Pertusaria flavicans – NEW
     Stereocaulon condensatum – NEW
     Stereocaulon dactylophyllum – NEW
     Stereocaulon delisei – NEW
     Stereocaulon evolutum – NEW
     Stereocaulon vesuvianum – additional photographs
     Umbilicaria cylindrica var. denticulata – NEW
     Umbilicaria polyrrhiza – additional photographs
     Umbilicaria proboscidea – NEW
     Umbilicaria torrefacta – additional photographs

July 2012
     Caloplaca verruculifera – additional photographs
     Cystocoleus ebeneus – NEW
     Degelia cyanoloma – additional photographs
     Degelia ligulata – NEW
     Dermatocarpon intestiniforme – NEW
     Dermatocarpon miniatum – additional photographs
     Fuscidea_recensa – NEW
     Leptogium britannicum – NEW
     Leptogium burgessii – NEW
     Leptogium cyanescens – NEW
     Leptogium palmatum – NEW
     Llimonaea sorediata – NEW
     Parmotrema crinitum – NEW
     Parmotrema reticulatum – additional photographs
     Peterjamesia circumscripta – NEW
     Solenopsora candicans – NEW
     Solenopsora holophaea – NEW
     Pannaria rubiginosa – additional photographs
     Toninia sedifolia – additional photograph
     Toninia thiopsora – NEW
     Vahliella leucophaea – NEW
Last month saw the very successful BLS meeting on the Isle of Muck (Inner Hebrides). Better weather (photographically), much better cameras and myself in better health than on Islay in 2011, and several rare species seen. I still have a huge backlog from Islay and Moray, and other non-BLS events and my own excursions and recording, but Muck "goodies" are being included in the latest updates.

June 2012
     Cornicularia normoerica – NEW
     Lecanora compallens – NEW
     Lecanora expallens – additional photographs
     Lecanora jamesii – NEW
     Melanelixia glabratula – additional photographs
     Parmelina carporrhizans – NEW
     Parmelina pastillifera – NEW
     Pyrrhospora quernea – NEW
     Stereocaulon vesuvianum – NEW

May 2012
     Arctoparmelia incurva – NEW
     Melanelixia fuliginosa – additional photographs
     Melanelixia subaurifera – additional photograph
     Melanohalea exasperata – NEW
     Xanthoparmelia conspersa – NEW
     Xanthoparmelia loxodes – NEW
     Xanthoparmelia mougeotii – NEW
     Xanthoparmelia verruculifera – NEW

April 2012
     Parmelia omphalodes – additional photograph
     Ramalina capitata – NEW

March 2012
     Cladonia borealis – NEW
     Cladonia caespiticia – NEW
     Cladonia ciliata (vars. ciliata, tenuis) – page upgrade: new photographs
     Cladonia digitata – NEW
     Cladonia rangiferina – additional photographs
     Cladonia sulphurina – NEW
     Cladonia uncialis ssp. uncialis – additional photographs
     Cladonia zopfii – NEW

January 2012
     Bacidia bagliettoana – NEW
     Diploschistes caesioplumbeus – NEW
     Diploschistes muscorum – NEW
     Fulgensia fulgens – NEW
     Moelleropsis nebulosa – NEW
     Ochrolechia parella – additional photographs
     Pannaria conoplea – additional photograph
     Pannaria rubiginosa – NEW
     Placidium squamulosum – NEW
     Protopannaria pezizoides – NEW
     Pseudocyphellaria crocata – NEW
     Psora decipiens – NEW
     Psoroma hypnorum – NEW

December 2011
     Bunodophoron melanocarpum – NEW
     Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes – NEW
     Dermatocarpon luridum – NEW
     Dermatocarpon miniatum – NEW
     Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta – NEW
     Hypotrachyna britannica – NEW
     Hypotrachyna endochlora – NEW
     Hypotrachyna revoluta – page upgrade: new photographs
     Hypotrachyna taylorensis – NEW
     Ramalina calicaris – NEW
     Ramalina canariensis – NEW
     Roccella fuciformis – NEW
     Roccella phycopsis – NEW
Numerous species with updated references; new page design extended to lichenicolous fungi.

November 2011
     Cladonia rangiformis – additional photograph
     Dirina massiliensis – page upgrade: additional & replacement photographs
     Lichina confinis – additional photographs
     Lichina pygmaea – NEW
     Lobaria pulmonaria – additional photographs
     Lobaria virens – additional photographs
     Micarea lignaria – additional photograph
     Peltigera horizontalis – additional photographs
     Peltigera membranacea – additional photographs
     Peltigera praetextata – additional photograph
     Physconia distorta – additional photographs
     Rimularia intercedens – additional photograph
     Sticta sylvatica – additional photograph
     Xanthoria candelaria – additional photographs
This month has seen a major facelift for all of the species pages, a bit more professional, a bit less ageing hippie. October saw the publication of the new edition of 'Dobson', and also vol. 4 of the Nordic Lichen Flora, and references have been updated. Regrettably, photographs in both publications are poorly, sometimes very poorly, printed.

October 2011
     Pertusaria hemisphaerica – NEW
     Pertusaria leioplaca – NEW
     Pertusaria multipuncta – NEW

September 2011
     Physcia leptalea – NEW
     Rinodina sophodes – NEW
     Umbilicaria cylindrica var. cylindrica – NEW
     Umbilicaria cylindrica var. fimbriata – NEW
     Umbilicaria deusta – NEW
     Umbilicaria polyphylla – additional photograph
     Umbilicaria polyrrhiza – NEW
     Umbilicaria torrefacta – NEW

August 2011
     Degelia atlantica – NEW
     Degelia cyanoloma – NEW
     Sclerococcum sphaerale (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Spirographa fusisporella (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW

June 2011
     Caloplaca arnoldii – NEW
     Caloplaca lucifuga – NEW

May 2011
     Arthonia fuscopurpurea – NEW
     Biatoropsis usnearum (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Homostegia piggotii (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Illosporiopsis christiansenii (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Kalchbrenneriella cyanescens (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Lecanora aitema – NEW
     Phaeosporobolus alpinus (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Stigmidium microspilum (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Tremella lichenicola (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Vouauxiella lichenicola (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW

April 2011
     Lecania cyrtellina – additional photograph
     Lecania naegelii – NEW

March 2011
     Arthonia apotheciorum – NEW
     Arthonia cinnabarina – NEW
     Arthonia radiata – NEW
     Arthonia vinosa – NEW
     Aspicilia calcarea – additional photographs
     Aspicilia cinerea (sensu stricto) – NEW
     Aspicilia contorta ssp. contorta – additional photographs
     Aspicilia contorta ssp. hoffmanniana – additional photographs
     Aspicilia leprosescens – NEW
     Fuscidea cyathoides – NEW
     Fuscidea gothoburgensis – NEW
     Fuscidea lightfootii – NEW
     Fuscidea lygaea – NEW
     Lecanactis abietina – NEW
     Lecania cyrtella – NEW
     Lecania cyrtellina – NEW
     Lecidella elaeochroma – NEW
     Lecidella scabra – NEW

February 2011
     Cladonia subcervicornis – additional photographs
     Nephroma laevigatum – additional photograph
     Opegrapha calcarea – additional photographs
     Parmelia saxatilis – additional photographs
     Physcia caesia – additional photograph
     Physcia stellaris – NEW
     Physcia tenella – additional photographs
     Physconia grisea – NEW
     Verrucaria mucosa – NEW

January 2011
     Lichenomphalia alpina – NEW
     Lichenomphalia hudsoniana – NEW
     Lichenomphalia umbellifera – NEW
     Lichenomphalia velutina – NEW
     Xanthoria ucrainica – additional photograph
Text index to species reformatted for greater readability.

September 2010
     Cladonia strepsilis – NEW
     Phaeocalicium populneum – NEW

August 2010
     Cladonia arbuscula ssp. arbuscula – NEW
     Cladonia arbuscula ssp. squarrosa – NEW
     Cladonia mitis – NEW
     Heterodermia leucomela – additional photographs
     Xanthoriicola physciae (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW

July 2010
     Arthonia varians – additional photograph
     Cladonia cervicornis ssp. cervicornis – NEW
     Cladonia chlorophaea – additional photograph
     Cladonia grayi – NEW, but treated under C. chlorophaea
     Cladonia furcata – NEW
     Cladonia portentosa – additional photographs
     Cladonia pyxidata – NEW
     Cladonia rangiferina – NEW
     Cladonia rangiformis – additional photographs
     Cladonia squamosa – NEW
     Cladonia subulata – NEW
     Lecanora rupicola – additional photographs
     Peltigera canina – additional photographs
     Peltigera rufescens – additional photographs

June 2010
     Cladonia botrytes – replacement photographs (improved quality)
     Cladonia cervicornis ssp. verticillata – additional photographs
     Cladonia cornuta – NEW
Other duties continue to affect my rate of posting. I still have a small residue from Kindrogan 2008, plenty still from Orielton 2009, my first BLS meetings (Norwich & Bristol 2010) and numerous other species photographed in between times.
Significant change this month has been the sad and sudden terminal illness of my treasured, large-format CRT monitor and, since the rest of the world has gone over to flat-screen monitors, I am reluctantly forced to do the same (higher definition but not matching the best CRT monitors in text or tonal quality and I hate the way the angle of view affects the display). This does force me to re-think screen definitions and even the bog-standard screen of my computer at work has a default setting of 1280×1024 (and cannot handle much else). All in all, the traditional 1024×768 is starting to look a little silly. I have decided that 1280×1024 is now to be the recommended definition for this site, but pages will still be tested at 1024×768. New images will often be larger than before, and where I think existing images can usefully be improved, the reposts will generally be at a larger size.
The page on Protoblastenia incrustans has been removed pro tem, as the existing photograph is of poor quality, unrepresentative and misleading. I hope to revisit the site and obtain something better.

May 2010
Busy with other things at present, though still with a large and growing backlog for posting. The Links page has been substantially updated.

March 2010
     Chaenotheca furfuracea – replacement photograph (improved quality)
     Lecidea silacea – NEW
     Punctelia borreri – NEW
     Punctelia jeckeri – NEW
     Punctelia reddenda – NEW
     Punctelia subrudecta – NEW
     Sclerophora pallida – NEW

December 2009
     Abrothallus welwitschii (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Bacidia rubella – NEW
     Graphis scripta – NEW
     Lecanora intumescens – NEW
     Lecanora varia – NEW
     Normandina pulchella – NEW
     Sticta limbata – NEW
     Sticta sylvatica – NEW

November 2009
     Peltigera collina – additional photograph
     Peltigera didactyla – NEW
     Peltigera hymenina – additional photograph
     Peltigera polydactylon – NEW
     Peltigera rufescens – additional photographs
     Pycnothelia papillaria – NEW
Little spare time at present, and current priority is to transfer other materials from the old UWS server, for the development of the 'Biodiversity Reference' section of this site.

October 2009
     Aspicilia caesiocinerea – NEW
     Cyphelium inquinans – NEW
     Fuscopannaria mediterranea – NEW
     Pannaria conoplea – NEW
     Parmeliella triptophylla – NEW

September 2009
     Lasallia pustulata – NEW

August 2009
     Belonia nidarosiensis – additional photographs
     Caloplaca aurantia – additional photographs
     Caloplaca britannica – erroneous photograph removed after re-examination of voucher specimen. Apologies to site users.
     Caloplaca citrina – additional photograph
     Caloplaca chlorina – NEW
     Caloplaca flavocitrina – NEW
     Caloplaca ruderum – NEW
     Caloplaca saxicola – additional photographs
     Caloplaca teicholyta – NEW
     Diploicia canescens – NEW
     Dirina massiliensis – NEW
     Fuscidea kochiana – NEW
     Gyalecta ulmi – replacement photograph (improved quality)
     Icmadophila ericetorum – additional photograph
     Imshaugia aleurites – replacement photographs (improved quality)
     Lecidea lithophila – NEW
     Parmeliopsis ambigua – additional photographs
     Parmeliopsis hyperopta – NEW
     Psilolechia lucida – NEW
     Rimularia gyrizans – NEW
     Rimularia intercedens – NEW
     Usnea subfloridana – additional photographs

July 2009
     Caloplaca alociza – NEW
     Caloplaca aurantia – NEW
     Caloplaca cirrochroa – NEW
     Caloplaca decipiens – additional photograph
     Caloplaca flavescens – additional photographs
     Caloplaca littorea – NEW
     Caloplaca ochracea – NEW
     Caloplaca thallincola – additional photographs
     Caloplaca verruculifera – NEW
     Flavoparmelia soredians – NEW
     Heterodermia leucomela – NEW
     Parmotrema perlatum – NEW
     Parmotrema reticulatum – NEW
     Physcia tribacioides – NEW
     Ramalina polymorpha – NEW
     Teloschistes flavicans – NEW

June 2009
     Clauzadeana macula – additional photographs
     Diploschistes gypsaceus – additional photographs
     Diploschistes scruposus – additional photographs
     Immersaria athroocarpa – NEW
     Leptogium pulvinatum – NEW
     Ophioparma ventosa – additional photographs
     Physconia perisidiosa – replacement photographs (improved quality)
     Pleopsidium chlorophanum – NEW
     Rhizocarpon oederi – NEW
     Sarcogyne regularis – NEW
     Schaereria fuscocinerea – additional photograph
     Tremolecia atrata – NEW
The long awaited new edition of The lichens of Great Britain and Ireland was published during May and at last my own copy has arrived! Until now the names on this website have followed the BLS checklist of 2002, and pretty much matched Dobson (2005), but they have now been changed to match the new handbook. Individual pages under old names have (as warned) been removed from the site. 'Dobson' names remain traceable through the indices.

May 2009
     Cladonia diversa – additional photographs
     Cladonia macilenta – NEW
     Peltigera malacea – NEW
     Protoparmelia badia – NEW
     Protoparmelia nephaea – NEW
     Protoparmelia ochrococca – NEW
     Protoparmelia oleagina – NEW
     Usnea articulata – NEW
     Usnea cornuta – NEW
     Usnea filipendula – additional photograph
     Usnea flammea – NEW
     Usnea florida – NEW
     Usnea fragilescens – NEW
     Usnea glabrescens – NEW
     Usnea rubicunda – NEW
     Usnea subfloridana – additional photograph (fertile)
This month saw my attending the very enjoyable FSC fieldcourse at Orielton, Pembrokeshire, run by Pat Wolseley. With my having more than a year's backlog of new species and improved photographs, I shall predominantly be posting from the existing queue in the near future. However I shall no doubt fast-track some of the Pembrokeshire 'goodies'. Photographs of several Pembrokeshire Usnea species checked as part of a TLC (thin-layer chromatrography) demonstration are now already on-site.

April 2009
     Baeomyces rufus – NEW
     Candelariella coralliza – NEW
     Candelariella vitellina – NEW
     Cladonia bellidiflora – NEW
     Cladonia glauca – NEW
     Cladonia scabriuscula – NEW
     Cladonia uncialis ssp. biuncialis – NEW
     Cladonia uncialis ssp. uncialis – NEW

March 2009
     Arrhenia peltigerina (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Cladonia coniocraea – additional photograph
     Cladonia diversa – NEW
     Cladonia floerkeana – NEW
     Cladonia gracilis – NEW
     Cladonia ochrochlora – NEW
     Cladonia subcervicornis – NEW
     Hypotrachyna laevigata – NEW
     Marchandiomyces aurantiacus (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Marchandiomyces corallinus (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Pertusaria amara – additional photographs
     Pertusaria hymenea – NEW
     Pertusaria pertusa – NEW
     Pertusaria pseudocorallina – NEW
     Syzygospora physciacearum (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
     Unguiculariopsis lettaui (lichenicolous fungus) – NEW
New section! An index to lichenicolous fungi (i.e. fungi that grow on lichens) has been added. Many lichens are, themselves, lichenicolous, but these are treated with other lichens (as are certain non-lichenised fungi that are in the same genus as true lichens, e.g. Arthonia). By tradition, lichenicolous fungi are studied mainly by lichenologists and they are included in the British Lichen Society recording and mapping schemes.

February 2009
     Degelia plumbea – replacement photographs (improved quality)
     Bryoria fuscescens – additional photographs
     Bryoria subcana – NEW
     Hypocenomyce scalaris – additional photographs
     Lobaria pulmonaria – additional photograph
     Lobaria scrobiculata – NEW
     Opegrapha gyrocarpa – NEW
     Pertusaria corallina – additional and replacement photographs (improved quality)
     Porpidia crustulata – NEW
     Porpidia tuberculosa – NEW
     Trapeliopsis gelatinosa – NEW
     Trapeliopsis granulosa – NEW
     Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa – additional photograph
     Usnea filipendula – NEW

January 2009
     Ochrolechia androgyna – additional photographs
     Ochrolechia microstictoides – additional photograph
     Ochrolechia tartarea – additional photograph
     Trapeliopsis flexuosa – NEW
RIP: the end of November saw the very sudden and very terminal demise of my computer. Fortunately, most of my important stuff was backed up, but obtaining a new computer that works with my various existing peripherals, finding and gettng all programs loaded, getting back on line, etc., etc., has taken time and caused a backlog of other tasks. Updates to this lichen site will be slow and irregular for the time being.

November 2008
     Acarospora fuscata – NEW
     Acarospora macrospora – additional photograph
     Acarospora sinopica – NEW
     Arthonia varians – NEW
     Lecanora carpinea – additional photographs
     Lecanora chlarotera – NEW
     Lecanora gangaleoides – NEW
     Lecanora intricata – NEW
     Lecanora polytropa – additional photographs
     Lecanora rupicola – NEW
     Lecanora soralifera – NEW
     Lecanora sulphurea – NEW
     Lecanora swartzii – NEW
     Rhizocarpon geographicum – additional photograph
     Rhizocarpon ridescens – NEW

October 2008
     Aspicilia contorta ssp. contorta – additional photographs
     Caloplaca cerinella – NEW
     Caloplaca crenularia – NEW
     Caloplaca decipiens – NEW
     Caloplaca flavescens – additional photographs
     Caloplaca marina – NEW
     Caloplaca maritima – NEW
     Caloplaca microthallina – NEW
     Caloplaca thallincola – additional photographs
     Candelaria concolor – NEW
     Lecidea fuscoatra – NEW    (the variant shown is now separated as Lecidea grisella — page renamed, June 2009)
     Myxobilimbia sabuletorum – NEW    (now called Bilimbia sabuletorum — page renamed, June 2009)
Upgrading of thumbnail indices completed.

September 2008
     Calicium viride – additional photographs
     Cladonia pocillum – NEW
     Flavoparmelia caperata – additional photographs
     Lepraria lobificans – NEW
     Lepraria rigidula – additional photograph
     Leptogium gelatinosum – NEW
     Leptogium lichenoides – NEW
     Melanelia subaurifera – NEW    (now called Melanelixia subaurifera — page renamed, June 2009)
     Nephroma parile – NEW
     Parmelia sulcata – additional photograph
     Phlyctis argena – additional photograph
     Physcia aipolia – additional photographs
     Placopsis gelida – NEW
     Protoblastenia incrustans – NEW
     Protoblastenia rupestris – NEW
     Pyrenocollema halodytes – NEW    (the species shown is now separated as Collemopsidium foveolatum — page renamed,
          February 2009)
     Ramalina fraxinea – additional photograph
     Sclerophora peronella – NEW
     Toninia sedifolia (growing over Verrucaria nigrescens) – NEW
     Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa – NEW
     Verrucaria caerulea – NEW
     Verrucaria macrostoma – NEW
     Verrucaria maura – NEW
     Verrucaria nigrescens – NEW
Thumbnail index structure revised (thumbnails are being progressively upgraded to slightly larger size and higher resolution, so fewer images per page will keep loading times reasonably fast – I hope!). Posting of Kindrogan 2003 photographs completed.

January–August 2008
Transfer from the currently existing site at is completed and I have added a number of additional species and upgraded (sometimes replaced) many of the photographs while doing so. I have added notes and references for each species and made other cosmetic changes. The old site will remain merely as an archive version until such time as the University of the West of Scotland life and environment teaching server goes offline.
Numerous species await addition. There is still a residue from the Kindrogan course of 2003; I now have plenty of new photographs from the course of 2008, and other photographs taken in between times and since. I shall add these in a probably haphazard and random fashion, as time allows, though I also have other (non-lichen) material to transfer from the old server and the slight inconvenience of having to work for a living. There are important genera for which I have uploaded no photographs at all as yet, better photographs of some of the existing species to add, more references to published descriptions and photographs to add, various cosmetic changes to be made, and at least one new section to be created. There will be periods of zero activity while other matters take priority, but keep tuned.


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